The most important key virtues for traveling include courage, open-mindedness, curiosity, and enthusiasm. However, such attributes couldn't bring anyone to another coast or land border without the backing of material necessities like travel money, well-prepared documents and permission from the authorities (e.g. work leave).

There are only a handful of citizens in the world blessed with such favorable conditions for traveling abroad simply for leisure. Here are the top 5 most adventurous nationalities.

Finns (Finland)

In Finland, all citizens are given 25 days of legally paid vacation. As a result, an average Finn gets to accumulate 7.6 travels per year. Although they may be the most well-traveled nationality on earth, they are not exactly very adventurous since a huge percentage of their trips are confined locally or regionally. After all, their local destinations are a mosaic of unspoiled ecosystems.

Americans (United States)

An average American traveler conducts at least 6.7 trips per year. What is even ironic is that there are virtually no paid vacations in American labor culture. This restraint would not deter the people living in 'the land of the free and the home of the brave.' Americans are generally very enthusiastic about traveling abroad but they are limited by their strict international policies.

Swedes (Sweden)

Given the same legal endowments enjoyed by Finns, people of Sweden generally travel at least 6 times a year. For a nation blessed with spectacular topography, it is understandable how the majority of their vacations are spent locally. According to studies, the most popular destinations abroad for Swedes include Spain, Italy, and the USA.

Danes (Denmark)

Residents of Denmark make an average of 5.3 trips a year. Considering how bad their winters can get (as of any Scandinavian nation), the Danes usually chose semi-tropical destinations abroad. Danes are more inclined to choosing family-friendly trips and relaxing activities, which makes it unlikely for them to choose 'exotic' places.

Norwegians (Norway)

Norway is one of the few countries on earth that dramatically transformed its local tourist industry. Hence, Norwegians eventually landed 5th place in the most well-traveled nationalities on earth. Like Denmark and Finland, Norway affords 25 days of legally paid vacation just to get most of their unenthusiastic homebodies off their comfort zones.