Being the most expensive television series produced by HBO, the "Game of Thrones" continue to air their shows internationally in their latest 7th Season. Apart from bringing high-octane TV entertainment to the fans worldwide, the show also consequently elevated some remote scenic locations around the world.

In fact, some of these places have built their tourist campaign around the popular series. Here are the top 5 filming locations that made this television show happen:   

Northern Ireland

If one has to find the best "Game of Thrones" filming location in terms of the patronage, the most well-known destination is Northern Ireland. This part of the United Kingdom features a guided tour in a place called Castle Ward, allowing avid travelers to experience a simulated life in the Northern kingdoms of Westeros.


The place where the famous battle between the White Walkers and the Night's Watch occur is filmed in the Glaciers of Iceland. This cold tundra wilderness doubles as the infamous Wall that held off the frigid zombie horde and preventing them from engulfing all of Westeros. Now you know something, Jon Snow!


Curiously, there are over 5 tourist locations in Spain where the "Game of Thrones" filmed most of their scenes. The dry badlands of Navarre doubled as the homeland of the fierce Dothraki warriors, led by the Mother of Dragons. The medieval fortress in Almeria captures the proud southern realm of Dorne. The coastal town of Peniscola doubles as the city-state of Mereen while Guadalajara's Castle Zafra stands as the Tower of Joy. Lastly, Girona provides a backdrop for Westeros' capital - The King's Landing.


Greece's renowned Meteora Monasteries is one of the very unique places on earth. Known for its unnervingly steep bluff housing the clerical settlement at the summit, this location was used as the milieu for Eyrie Castle. This is where the dwarf Tyrion Lannister was imprisoned for allegedly participating in a scheme to destroy the Stark family.


The ancient walled city of Ait Benhaddou is currently categorized as one of Morocco's treasured UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is also where the Mother of Dragons rose to power and conquered the mage city of Yunkai. The scenic coastal city of Essaouira also doubled as the slaver capital of Astapor.