One of the most interesting things about traveling in Morocco's tourist city of Marrakech is that it is possible for travelers to spend less than $60 per day. By following these budget travel tips, one can make the most of their experience by paying less. Here are some of the top 5 hacks to reduce your daily expenses:

Stay at budget inns or hostels

Budget travel in Marrakech means booking your stay at low-key inns and hostels. Of all the considerations one has to deal with, perhaps finding a good hostel seems the most relatively difficult inconvenience. Fortunately, there are a number of quality accommodations at some of the 'riads' (courtyards) within the urban quarters. Air-conditioned private rooms in Marrakech's hostels usually cost no more than $29.

Cook your meals

The best way to cut costs for daily meals is to make your own within less than $60 per day budget. In Morocco, cooking your own 'tagine' (clay pot) meals is more of a popular tourist workshop. There are a number of establishments in Marrakech that caters to this activity. One can only pay a fraction of a cost in high-end restaurants while having a fun cooking experience at the same time.

Learn to haggle

Haggling is more than just a street smart skill in Marrakech. It is pretty much a proud cultural tradition. However, it takes guidance and a relative degree of experience to negotiate prices at the bottom rate for purchasing exotic wares in the city's famous 'souks' (market squares).

Dine or drink at rooftop cafes

Budget travel in Marrakech also means choosing rooftop cafes for places to unwind. For a cost of a single drink, usually around $1.45, anyone can capture the magnificent view of the colorful and lively urban sprawl. It is an especially excellent return on investment for travel bloggers who often pay a hefty price for a breathtaking photo or video angle.

Visit local hammams

One of the top 5 hacks to reduce daily expenses without sacrificing some luxuries is to visit a hammam (public bath). Almost every country in the world puts a premium on wellness services, and Marrakech is no different in terms of offering 'international standards.' Fortunately, with baths being an integral part of Morocco's culture, a bath and a massage in a local low-key hammam only costs an average of $4.5.