With the entire city being designated as a UNESCO World Heritage, Evora is a treasure trove of Portugal's very own ancient monuments. This city is a perfect destination for tourists who are very much into history and culture. But wait! Here's more to Evora than what meets the mainstream perspective...

City Profile

Measuring a total land area of 1,307 square kilometers, Evora is ranked second nationwide in terms of the quality of life according to the annual publication of the Lisbon-based newspaper "Expresso."

A 2006 study conducted by Minho University placed Evora as the most competitive of all 18 Portuguese district capitals in terms of overall economic performance. Since 2012, Evora is designated to be Portugal's center for the national aerospace program. All upscale investments are geared towards developing a solid aeronautics industry.

Evora pretty much reflects the country's low-key reputation as a European tourist destination since travelers often flock to Lisbon, Porto or Madeira. Evora is a highly recommended off-beat cultural experience.

94 Sights and Landmarks

As featured by Trip Advisor, it is practically impossible to visit all of the city's sights and landmarks within a very short one-week vacation timeframe. In order to fully enjoy the touring experience, it would be wise to allocate other points of interest for the next visit. Evora is worth another vacation.

Top 3 Guided Tours

The most popular guided tour in the city, the "Ebora Megalithica," is hosted by a local archaeologist exploring the city's prehistoric wonders. Another competing travel organizer is the "Evora Cultural Experience," known to punctuate the short half-day tour with a sumptuous lunch break. Anyone looking for fast-paced bicycle tour should avail the services of "Turaventur Day Tours."

Evora's Best Accommodations

Finding a temporary home in Evora is as important (and as challenging) as choosing the day tour destinations. One of the most recommended luxury hotels is the M'Ar De Ar Aqueduto ($166 per night). The cheapest three-star hotel is the Evora Inn Chiado Design ($35 per night).