Security is one of the most strenuously highlighted issues in Egypt's tourist industry. But with the female population being 'socially demoted' since the time of ancient pharaohs, traveling women often gets the shorter end of the stick in terms of 'man-made' dangers.

Egypt and Femininity

Egypt is a secular society, but its Islamic heritage is very strong that it almost practically suffuses all aspects of their local lifestyle. Like every Muslim country, feminine modesty is a very big deal. For better or worse, foreign women traveling in Egypt receive a great deal of attention considering the 'exotic appeal.'

Sexual Harassment

For decades, Egypt has been rife with sexual offenses targeted against women. The recent survey highlights over 99.3% Egyptian women being subjected to sexual harassment. But in 2011 the, biggest women's protest almost became violent following the inauguration of the first female president (Abdel Fattah al-Sisi).

For nearly 6 years, the local Egyptian women are slowly building a small but potent force that discourages wanton acts of gender assault by men. However, it is important to take note that the emerging new civil paradigm is still adhering to the canon views of Islamic feminine modesty. Foreign women must adjust since they remain the most vulnerable female subcategory.

How to Fend Off 'Eager' Men

The first level of defense in repelling enthusiastic local men is to wear a headscarf. Take note: one must refrain from wearing revealing clothes. In addition to headscarf and long sleeves, wearing tinted sunglasses also fends of potential sexual predators.

Unfortunately, in the densely-populated streets of Cairo, the defensive wardrobe is still prone to a fractional degree of unwanted attention. Keeping one's distance from men is the best way to remove any room for indecent advances. Foreign women are encouraged to make a scene if creepy men pursue them.

It is always best to travel in the heterosexual group, especially with a child in the cohort. No man is insane enough to trouble 'a family.' If you are traveling alone, always position yourself closer to more than one local female bystander. In Egypt, native women are the most reliable ally championing women's security.