When it comes to traveling in Jordan, tourists do not often regard the capital city in the same level of significance as Petra, Wadi Rum, The Dead Sea, Jerash, and Aqaba. In fact, to some extent, Amman is more likely considered a mere landing zone prior to visiting the top 5 destinations in Jordan.

Nowadays, Amman is becoming a popular destination among tourists. Although the nationwide scale considers the capital city to be relatively expensive, Amman remains cheap by international standards. Here are some bargain tips for traveling to Amman:

Picking an airline:

When traveling on a tight budget, booking a flight to Amman is one of the most expensive things one can purchase. Choosing the right airline can save a bit of cash. From the United States, one of the best international flights to choose from is the Emirates, Qatar Airways, and the Royal Jordanian.

A place to stay:

In terms of seeking a temporary home in the capital city, it is difficult for travelers to find a suitable hotel due to the lack of knowledge and/or availability. For this reason, the most recommendable course of action for a low-cost travel plan is to seek boarding houses. Most hostels only cost somewhere between $.7.95 and $12.66.

But if one chooses to stay comfortably in hotels, there are affordable types throughout the city. These hotels include Jordan River Hotel ($7.09), Arab Tower ($12.35), Boutique Hotel ($15.38), and Farah Hotel ($17.20).

Cheap restaurants:

Budget meals in Amman can range from $2.82 to $7.04 per meal. Rule of thumb for most experienced economical travelers, always seek low-key street cafes and avoid fancy restaurants. However, there are also good bistros that are categorized as cheap. The following recommendations include Habibah Sweets, Tawaheen al-Hawa, Hashem, and Pizza Roma Café.

Tourist attractions:

The most affordable tourist attraction in Amman is Roman Amphitheatre. Adult admission only costs $1.41. The Amman Citadel charges an admission fee of $2.82 per head. By comparison, the most expensive tourist attraction is National Archaeological Museum which entails an admission fee of $7.04.