Barbados is not just any Caribbean nation. It is arguably the most popular tourist country in the region. This island nation is one of the many colonies that transitioned into a prosperous British protectorate. Any of the top 5 facts about Barbados certainly speaks of its rare appeal to the general worldwide public. Here are the 5 interesting facts about Barbados worth noting:

Million Dollar Rum Export

Tourists who visit Barbados may not necessarily categorize its society as an alcoholic. However, it is thanks largely in part of its proliferating rum production that international 'casual alcoholism' is still in effect. Barbados exports $57 million of rum annually worldwide. The neighboring country of Jamaica certainly knows where to get the best liquors in every tavern near their parishes.

The Fecund Zone

The Barbados Fertility Centre has a higher success rate compared to other health care facilities of its kind in the United Kingdom and the United States. Ironically, the locals and medical tourists are paying only a third of the cost couples would normally pay in Britain and North America for a better chance of conceiving.

Land Of Sand Medicine

Speaking of medical tourism, another of the 5 interesting facts about Barbados is that this country was once visited by other nationalities because the sands of Cattlewash Beach allegedly contain healing properties. Luckily, modern medicine has a way of telling people that 'there are other reasons to visit Barbados.'

Too Many Visitors Per Year

Regardless of the reason, one of the key answers as to why Barbados is the most popular destination in the Caribbean points to its tourist population ratio. Relative to its diminutive 21x14 mile land coverage, this small island nation welcomes a total of 50,000 visitors per year.

The Best: After USA & Canada

Barbados is considered the third most developed nation in the Western hemisphere after the United States and Canada. Adult literacy ranks 99.7% and the exchange rate for $1 American is $2 Barbadian. No wonder other people love to be in this country!