The hot blazing sun, thousands of beautiful beaches, virgin islands, secret lagoons and affordable prices, that is what Southeast Asia is all about. Overall its the perfect destination for a vacation not only for day time activities but also the regions amazing nightlife. Here are the best places to party in Southeast Asia.

Koh Phangan, Thailand. According to Jones Around The World, this island is called by many as the "Ibiza of Southeast Asia,' and offers more than just the Full Moon Party. Koh Phangan is well known all over Thailand to offer almost different parties every night. Check out Merkaba Beach Club. This club includes a pool and underground music as well. This club is the very famous in the island because of its amazing location, the overall design of the club, cheap food and drink prices and most of all their booming sound system.

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. Though its not as better as before due to the tourist population flocking and making a mess out of the island, its still one of the best destinations so far in Thailand and Southeast Asia in general. Koh Phi Phi is one crazy island, when they mean crazy, they do mean it. Cheap food, great hotel rooms if your budget is limited, and most of all the best part of the island, its nightlife beauty. Try to visit Slinky's Beach Bar, as you woud exect this bar is amazing, from the live music, dj's, drinks and stage where people can dance, its one of the craziest bars.

Bali, Indonesia. Bali is one of those destinations where people would visit and explore over and over again in the future. What lures visitors to this majestic destination is its surreal beauty and magnificent landscape that keeps you relaxed. From beaches to the night clubs for an epic night of partying, Bali delivers. Visit Sky Garden, this mega club is the place you need to visit when in Bali. Dj's are all over the place, music is intense, drinks are cheap and thier food is more than amazing, the good thing about this club is everything is affordable.

Boracay, Philippines. You can never go wrong when you land in boracay. Its the best place to party in Southeast Asia for sure. All clubs in the island are superb and equal to one another and accessible. you could literally visit every club every hour if you want to. Try to Boracay Pub Crawl, its a fun activity where you interact with strangers going from one club to the other drinking and having a good time. Overall, Boracay is just one crazy island wherever you go.

Koh Tao, Thailand.This island is serious about its party scene. Make sure you ready to party in this island because it seems they really take their party egos by heart. Like Boracay, Koh Tao has also its Pub Crawl. Its a great way to explore the best bars on the island plus you can meet a lot of backpackers and visitors as well. Visit Maya Beach Club, this is the only bar in the island that has a DJ nightly. Most of their beverage are imported from wine to cocktails. Expect great music that will make your head spin side ways during you visit here. For more about Southeast Asia stay tuned to Travelers Today.