Kids and even adult travelers can get tired of the same camping site all over again. Whether it is a great backyard of an amazing American home or somewhere in Yellowstone National Park, camping in America and even Europe can be tiring and repetitive. Sometimes, travelers need to fly and camp elsewhere and experience the wilderness in the most unusual places in the world.

Desert camping is one way to change the scenery. Travelers with kids who love sandboxes can truly enjoy camping in Villavieja in Colombia, home of the Tatacoa Desert. There is magic in sleeping under the stars. See all the rock formations during the evening too!

Dubai is a country rich in natural beauty and the Al Hayer forest highlights Dubai's cultural and tall Ghaf Trees. According to Lovin Dubai, the forest is better with an off-road vehicle for adventures. The travel website also said it is better to bring firewood as the trees in the area are non-renewable.

In Africa's west coast features an amazing by-the-sea camping ground in the Tietiesbaai beach camp. It can suit kids of any age. Set up camp anywhere near the rocks or in the grass near the blue waters. But the strong winds can topple the weakest tents. Luckily, village lodging is available in Paternoster just a few klicks away.

Tired of the Grand Canyon? Dubai also has its own Wadi Sana in Dibba Al Fujaira. Dubai's mountain canyons feature a spectacular view with great camping grounds on top of its mountain plateaus. The trip to this amazing canyon is truly breathtaking and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

India has the famous Himalayas all to themselves but the need to head there could be delayed if travelers head to Nainital first. Lakeside camping sure sounds fun and according to We Are Holidays, there is paragliding and rafting available. Add in the fact restaurants are nearby and camping spots are guaranteed in-location and the experience just gets better.