Treehouses are just the best places to spend time at whether you want to be one with nature or just relive your experiences as a kid. In Woodsman's Dorset, there's a luxurious treehouse that wouldn't only give you a feel of nature and a nostalgic feeling but would also give you the ultimate pampering experience.

According to the Daily Mail, a camping park in Britain created a fancy two-storey treehouse deep in the woods of Dorset. It will give travelers a luxurious experience while becoming one with nature at the same time. The place comes with its own hot tub, sauna, pizza oven and a rotating fireplace.

The treehouse's appearance has that modern feel to it while maintaining the natural look of being a classic treehouse. The Telegraph reported that it's perched 30 feet above the ground on high wooden stilts while circling around a strong oak tree. Rest assured for nature lovers that the house isn't touching the host tree.

But it's not only the outside appearance that will catch the guests' attention because the interior is also mesmerizing. It's completely furnished and comes with a double-ended copper bath, kitchen and a wooden burner.

The lower deck of the structure has an open-air tree shower while the upper deck has the sauna and hot tub. There's also king-sized bed inside perfect for couples who want to spend a romantic night together.

Travelers and guests can access this wooden house through a wooden staircase and a rope bridge. What's interesting about this is that there's also a steel slide that gives easy access for people to get down to the ground.

However, being in this place is not a cheap experience because a night at this luxurious place would cost at around $480 according to The Sun. It's definitely a perfect place for families, friends, and newlyweds to enjoy. It's a nature trip with a luxurious twist.