Have you ever wondered how celebrities get off that plane looking fresh and stunning after a long flight? Well, it's obvious that flying first class with a bunch of assistants catering to their every need would really give them that look. However, one of Jennifer Lopez' makeup artists Kate Best revealed that there are beauty travel hacks and secrets that everyone can follow.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate revealed that the first step of looking fresh without having a bird's nest hair is to have a ballet bun. The reason behind is that the hair-do wouldn't pick up grease from your face and it manages your hair perfectly. You can just shake the bun off after you get off the plane.

Kate also said that it's best to remove any make-up because it would never last in a long flight. Also, make-up can pick up a lot of bacteria during the flight which can cause pimples and other skin problems.

Staying hydrated is the key and one way is to put on a hydrating facial mask. It's actually an expensive method but there are cheaper alternatives for that.

You can try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of warm lemon water and using some eye-drops. According to Elite Daily, the cabin air will really dry out your skin like a fish on land so try different things to stay hydrated.

The kind of lipstick that you use would also greatly impact your look. According to Travel And Leisure, find the perfect tube of lipstick like a red or bright pink color. Matching it with your outfit can also give you that glamorous jet-setter look.

Another beauty travel hack is to bring some facial wipes with you because it's the safest way of staying fresh if you don't know what to do with your look. You can just wipe off dirt and grease from your face and have that fresh-from-the-shower look.

For all those women wanting to have that celebrity look, these beauty travel hacks might just help. It's not that expensive to stay beautiful.