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Jestan Dale Mendame

How We Welcome Our New Cabin Crew - Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Signs A Deal With FIFA To Sponsor World Cup 2022

Qatar Airways announced that it will sponsor FIFA through World Cup 2022. This will be one of the biggest sponsorships in the history of sports and the airline's sponsorship history as well.


Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight Maverick 2013 HD 1080p Samsung EX2F

Get A Chance To Explore North America With These Amazing Helicopter Tours

Exploring some of the world's popular attractions is already a dream come true for some travelers. However, being able to witness them at an aerial view is just even better. Well, some tour companies are offering helicopter tours to some of the world's most popular attractions in North America.


A trip to The Isle of Wight

A Quick Look At Britain's Beautiful Islands And How To Visit Them By Ferry

Aside from the fancy restaurants and luxurious hotels located in Mainland Britain, there are more places waiting to be discovered in this beautiful region. Its surrounding islands are also worth a visit so here's a list of Britain's most beautiful islands that everyone should see.


King Salman’s palace coup and the Saudi royal politics

Saudi King Gives News Orders To Allow Women To Study, Travel, Get Medical Treatments Without Man's Permission

Saudi Arabian women have very little control with their life choices since they need permission from their guardian when it comes to education, travel and medical needs. But now, the king has issued a royal decree to allow women in some circumstances to make decisions by themselves.



Your Ultimate Travel Guide When Visiting Thailand

Thailand is one of the most-visited places in Asia. This country has a lot to offer from its pristine beaches, lush jungles to its rich culture.


Europe Travel Diary | Paris, Swiss, Rome, Milan, Venice | Titan Tyra

Five Tips On Planning A Great European Trip

Planning a trip to Europe might sound like a hard thing to do, however, all it needs is just a little effort and planning. If you do that, all of your hard work would pay off and you'll have a memorable trip of a lifetime.



Get The Best Travel Deals With These May 2017 Coupon Codes

Traveling isn't that expensive if you just know how to shop wisely. One way of doing that is knowing the best travel deals out there in the market so here are some coupon codes for May 2017 that might just help you.


Shop Savannah: Broughton Street

Retail Therapy, Anyone? Here Are The Best Shopping Streets In The US

There are tons of shopping destinations in the USA. In fact, most tourists come to the country just to do some shopping. If you're one of those people, here's a list of the best shopping streets in the country.


FLIGHT OF FANCY The world’s best private jet, dubbed ‘the flying penthouse’ arrives in London

LOOK: There's A 'Flying Penthouse' That You Can Rent For $26,000 Per Hour

The Dreamliner B787 is one of the world's best private jets that comes with hotel-style features. The $298 million aircraft just went on display this week at Stansted Airport in London.


A Lake Skadar holiday adventure | by Undiscovered Montenegro

A Guide To Some Of Europe's Best National Parks That Are Under The Radar

Europe has a lot of amazing national parks but some of them aren't as popular as the others. However, those parks that are under the radar are also worth visiting so here's a list of them that you might want to know.


Airbus A321 200 Nordwind Airlines

Nordwind Tourist Plane Falls 18,000 Feet Over The Mediterranean Before An Emergency Landing In Greece

A passenger plane bound for Russia falls down to about 18,000 feet as it flew over the Mediterranean. The plane made an emergency landing in Crete just 40 minutes after its departure.


18-Foot Shark Attacks Cage | Great White Serial Killer

Where To Find The World's Most Extreme Adventures

Experience thrilling adventures in some of the world's most extreme places. From the deadly rapids of the Congo River to the giant waves of Tahiti, listed here are some adreanaline-pumping activities that you might want to try.


Ever wanted to ride an elephant? You have to watch this!

From Elephant Rides To Tiger Selfies, PETA Reveals The Evil Side Of Irresponsible Animal Tourism That Travelers Should Avoid

Animal tourism has become rampant these days and it really attracts a lot of tourists. However, what most people don't know is that there are lots of unethical practices involved in this industry.


American Airlines Main Cabin Extra - A Little Extra

Why American Airlines Is Reducing Space In Seats, Bathrooms In Boeing 737 Jets

American Airlines plans to reduce leg room on its new planes. From 31 inches, three rows would now only have 29 inches of leg room while the rest have 30 inches.


New York City Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

New York Travel Guide: Best Places To Visit In The 'Big Apple' Aside From Manhattan

Aside from Manhattan, there are still lots of places to visit in New York City. This big metropolis has so much to offer and here's a list of the best places to visit in the "Big Apple."


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