Air travel is the most convenient and efficient way of traveling if you want to go to places overseas. However, purchasing those tickets can become too hard on your pockets so getting those miles or reward points is very important especially if you purchase using your credit cards.

Now, the problem is that there are lots of rewards credit cards out there in the market and each one claims to be the best there is. Each company has different offers that include rewards programs for food, travel, shopping and lots more. But according to Forbes, the American Express Platinum Card has a lot of perks that travelers would really like so here's what you need to know about it.

According to the American Express website, if travelers use the Amex Platinum Card to buy their plane tickets directly from the airline company or with American Express Travel, they would get five times the rewards points per $1. The offer is really hard to come by these days because some cards would only offer a maximum of three or four times the rewards points.

Aside from that, if you book your hotels through Amex Travel, you'll also get points for it. The card also includes other privileges which make it stand out from others.

If you get the platinum card, you'll be able to get credits that will let you have access to the TSA PrecCheck. This service allows travelers to check in online and avoid those long lines in airports.

It's really beneficial when it comes to travel purchases and other things that are related to travel. If you connect your card to the Uber app, you'll have $200 of Uber credit which you can use during your travels in any uber ride.

You won't have any problems during your travels with all these benefits. If you get the Amex Platinum Card, your travels would be stress and hassle free.