Lots of tourists visit New York City to experience the beauty of this metropolis. But most of the time, people only stay within the Manhattan area and don't bother exploring other places. Listed here are the best places to visit in the Big Apple.

Nature Trip at the Bronx. Lots of people avoid the Bronx because of its tough reputation, but what they don't know is that it's home to two gorgeous natural wonders: the New York Botanical Garden and Wave Hill. According to the New York Botanical Garden's website, it's one of the biggest botanical gardens in the world and its facility aims to educate people about nature with its living museum. Meanwhile, Wave Hill is an outdoor garden intended for public use and has breathtaking views of the Hudson River.

Having a Gastronomic Experience in Queens. Since Queens is a diverse place, having a mix of nationalities in its area, there's so much culture here which is showcased in its food and events. CNN said that Filipino, Indian, Pakistani and Chinese restaurants flood the place.

A Relaxing Experience in Staten Island. If you want a different experience of getting to the Statue of Liberty, take a ferry going to Staten Island. You'll not only have great views of Lady Liberty, but you'll also see the beauty of the city from a different angle. It's the perfect place to take selfies and pictures of your trip.

Park and Pizza Experience in Brooklyn. Head over to the Prospect Park and see why people dub it as Central Park's rival. When it comes to pizza, Brooklyn won't back down as well because it has Grimaldi's and Juliana's, which are the best pizzerias in town.

Island Hopping in New York. A lot of people think that New York city is just one big piece of land, but in fact, it's an archipelago. There's the Governor's Island which can be visited via a ferry boat or the Roosevelt Island that you can access by taking a tram.

New York City has so much in store for everyone aside from Manhattan. Don't be afraid to explore because it has more attractions to offer!