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Vegan-Friendly Cities: A Food Guide For Traveling Vegans

Travelers Today       By    Jestan Dale Mendame

Updated: May 03, 2017 10:13 AM EDT

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For people who are adapting to the vegan diet, traveling can be a little bit hard if you don't find any vegan-friendly restaurants in your destinations. It's quite frustrating to get inside a restaurant and ask for something that's not on the menu. However, the diet has become popular these days so here are some vegan-friendly cities that travelers need to know.

Turin. It's quite ironic that this Italian city, which boasts of its meat dishes like carne cruda and bollito misto, is slowly catering to the vegan market. In fact, over 30 restaurants and food shops are now serving vegetarian and vegan meals. The whole city is making an effort to make its tourism industry vegan-friendly.

Berlin. The German capital is rapidly gaining a reputation as a vegan-friendly city having more than 50 purely vegan food shops. The city even takes it to the next level having the concept applied to other things such as clothes, beverage and even sex toys. It even has the Veganes Sommerfest Berlin, which is a festival for vegans. According to Veganes Sommerfest Berlin, the festival features fashion shows, exhibits and trade fairs.

Chennai, India. India has long been a country with a big vegetarian population. It's no wonder why it has lots of restaurants that are already offering meat-free dishes. A good place to try out is the Royal Vega which is located at the ITC Grand Chola hotel.

Helsinki. The city's weekly publication, called Helsinki This Week, made a list of food shops that are vegan-friendly. Helsinki provides a great gastronomic experience for vegan travelers although there's not a lot of vegan restaurants yet. There are lots of chefs and restaurants who are into plant-based cuisine and a good example would be the Nyhtökaura which could, later on, become Finland's big export products.

Tel Aviv. This city is just big into veganism, having more than 400 vegan-friendly establishments. In fact, Domino's Pizza even serves animal-free pizza here. According to Independent, they also have a vegan cooking school called the Vegan Experience and a big vegan festival called Vegan-Fest.

Vegan travelers wouldn't have a hard time looking for places to eat with these vegan-friendly cities. The trend is slowly becoming widespread and more places might embrace veganism in the future.

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