Premium seats are just expensive, and most fliers wouldn't even have that chance of experiencing it. However, some people are lucky enough to get a free upgrade, and there are various ways of increasing your chances. Listed here are five tips on how to get free upgrades on a flight.

Choose Your Route. Airline companies usually offer free upgrades due to operational reasons. For example, there's a big possibility that a passenger would get an upgrade if the economy class is overbooked and the premium is not. It would help if you fly on busy routes and peak seasons.

Be a Loyal Customer. Racking up some miles on the same airline company would increase your chances of getting free upgrades. According to the Independent Traveler, airline staff would most likely pick among a group of customers who have high-mileage.

Travel Alone. Who said traveling alone didn't have benefits? Most of the time, if there are only one or two seats available at the premium cabin, it would be offered to solo fliers.

Ask for it and Have a Good Reason. The Telegraph reported that free upgrades are usually sorted out 24 hours earlier before the flight, but there's nothing wrong with asking for it. Just make sure you have a valid and honest reason so the airline staff might consider it. You might say you're on a honeymoon or you're pregnant and you need a free upgrade. It wouldn't hurt to ask.

Be Nice and Look Nice. Always greet airline staff with enthusiasm and leave an impression because if they're looking for a lucky person to get a free upgrade, they might choose you. Dressing nicely also helps because if the staff is going to choose someone to be in the premium cabin, why not the person who blends in, right?

When you fly next time, try to take note of these tips. Who knows? You might be the next lucky person to get that free flight upgrade.