European wine tour companies have started expanding their reach and have gone beyond the vineyards of Italy, Spain and France. Now, they are planning to extend their tours to the East to look for more quality wine and grape varieties.

SmoothRed managing director Adam Stebbings said that Hungary has started to become more famous in its wine production which is why his company added the Hungarian Collection: Budapest to Tokaji in its tours. According to the SmoothRed website, the tour is a 5-day trip which includes places like Etyek, Tokaj and Eger. Clients would also experience a helicopter ride from Budapest to Tokaj. It costs £4,389 (about $5650) per person.

Forbes reported that Grape Escapes also added Slovenia to its tour, even though it doesn't appear on the company's website. Marketing manager Jenna Jones said that clients are looking for more destinations to explore just as they explore different wines to drink.

Podravje, Posavje and Primorska are some of the places that have the best vineyards in Slovenia. Clients can go in a group of four and avail the Slovenia wine tour at £575 (about $740) per person. The three-night tour includes B&B, airport transfers and two nights of exclusive tours to the vineyards.

John Wurdeman, an owner of Pheasant's Tears winery, also hosts wine tours to Georgia. At £2,350 (about $3027) per person, guests can experience the seven-day trip to some of Georgia's finest wineries which include Sighnaghi and Saguramo.

Regent Holidays also included a wine tour to Moldova two years ago. The country was once known as the winery of the Soviet Union and the trip would include visits to the capital Chisinau, Purcaru Winery and the Cricova Wine Cellars. The five-day trip starts at a rate of £750 (about $966) and comes flights from London, B&B accommodation, transfers and all tour-related expenses.

If you're planning a wine tour in Europe, explore beyond the boundaries of the West and learn more about the wine culture of the East. There are more places waiting to be discovered.