More than 20 passengers were injured on an Aeroflot flight this Monday when a strong turbulence hit the plane. A video was even captured during the incident showing chaos inside the cabin with passengers lying all over the floor and blood stains found in the overhead storage bin.

The flight came out of Moscow and was bound for Bangkok, but when the Boeing 777 hit an air pocket, that's when everything went out of control. Some passengers didn't have their seatbelts fastened as well which is why most of the passengers suffered injuries.

Aeroflot operates the Moscow to Bangkok route two times a day. Thailand's main airport operator, Airports of Thailand Pcl, stated that the Boeing 777 landed in Bangkok but other questions should be directed to the airline.

According to The Telegraph, 27 passengers, including a one-year-old infant, got injured with several of them suffering spinal injuries. Fifteen Russians and two Thais were taken to the Bangkok hospital to get medical treatment.

A Russian spokesperson said that the injured passengers were okay and weren't suffering from life-threatening injuries. The Russian embassy made a list of the injured Russians and stated that they were ages one to 69.

According to USA Today, one passenger saw the whole scene and said that his fellow passengers were flying out of their seats. "It lasted for about ten seconds, the plan was being thrown everywhere," said Rostik Rusev, a passenger hailing from New Jersey. "There was blood on the ceiling, people with broken noses, babies who were hurt, it was horrible."

Another passenger, Evgenia Zibrova, posted a video of the aftermath of the incident. The video showed food and bottles of beverage scattered all over the floor. Aeroflot stated that its crew failed to warn the passengers because the turbulence was unexpected since it happened in clear skies.