If there's a contest on which country is the best at sustainable tourism, Canada would definitely be one of the front-runners. The citizens of Canada have increased their efforts on becoming more eco-friendly when it comes to travel.

According to the Travel Market Report, 54 percent of Canadian travelers are staying at eco-friendly accommodations. Also, most of them are trying to conserve water by reusing their bed sheets, towels, blankets and other items that are often cleaned using water. They are also trying to help in environmental conservation by cutting down on their usage of shampoos, soaps, shaving razors, toothbrush and other types of amenity goods.

They are also making adjustments when it comes to luxury travels and would rather stay at places that are eco-friendly. In fact, 94 percent of them prefer to stay at accommodations with energy saving light bulbs, 88 percent would also choose to stay at places that have motion sensing AC/Heating units and 81 percent want low flow showerheads.

But aside from that, 71 percent of Canadians are also contributing to sustainable travel through their mode of transportation. About 32 percent of them choose to use public transportation if given a chance and 38 percent would prefer walking, biking or hiking to their destinations. Not to mention, 18 percent would even opt to fly less just to help reduce carbon emissions.

The survey was done by Booking.com on March 2017 and the results showed that Canada is indeed doubling its efforts to become an eco-friendly country. It's really a timely survey which goes along with this year's advocacy by the United Nations. According to Tourism 4 Development 2017, the UN designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

The movement aims to raise awareness on sustainable travel both in public and private sectors. It will be supporting efforts coming from different sectors as they move towards sustainable tourism.