If you want to be a great traveler, don't just go on vacations spending tons of money and getting less out of it. Remember, even with a tight budget, you can still enjoy your trips if you do a lot of research and careful planning. Now, Europe's a good destination to visit so here are some tips that might help you plan for a great European trip.

Choose a Destination and Allot a Budget. It's obvious that going on a vacation requires a destination, but aside from that, make sure that you're specific with the locations. List all the places that you want to visit and research the cost of travel and accommodation in those areas.

Prepare Your Documents. If it's your first time traveling to Europe, make sure that you have all your documents ready. Contact local services that usually take care of these matters for you. Just remember to do this step a month or two before your schedule because passports and other documents would usually take four to six weeks to finish.

Book Your Flights Early. Early bookings mean cheaper prices but aside from that, being able to book your airfares early can determine how your trip would go. According to Independent Traveler, knowing the costs of air travel will help you budget your other costs such as car rentals, accommodations and food.

Create a Travel Route and Timeline. Make a detailed timeline and route of the places that you're going to visit. Take note of crowds, time, geography and weather. For example, pair off two destinations that would maximize that time of your travel by visiting big cities and small nearby towns. According to USA Today, a good example would be visiting Vienna and the Danube River Valley.

Be Prepared for Some Adjustments. If you plan to go to two big attractions in Europe but don't have the time and money to visit both, make some adjustments. List the pros and cons of how each destination would affect your itinerary and make a decision.

Remember that planning might be tedious but it really pays off in the end. In fact, even backpackers and travel bloggers plan out their trips.