What appears to be just an ordinary aircraft from the outside suddenly becomes a luxurious ride on the inside. The Dreamliner B787, tagged as the "Flying Penthouse" of "VVIP," is every flier's dream ride and it serves as a private jet that can be rented out for about $26,000 per hour.

The Flying Penthouse got its moniker because only a select number of people can get a chance to ride on this very exclusive private jet. Daily Mail said the plane cost around $298 million and it went on display this week at the London Stansted Airport for the Deer Jet's bespoke travels.

It's not possible for one person just to book a seat or two on the Flying Penthouse because you have to rent the whole plane. This means that at $26,000 per hour, it would cost you around $207,000 just for a one-way trip from London to New York.

Prior to being remodeled, the aircraft was once a Boeing 787 Dreamliner that flew commercial flights which carried between 240 and 350 passengers. But according to The Sun, the remodeled version is now a 40-seater plane that comes with lots of amenities and serves as a flying hotel.

The Flying Penthouse includes a study area, entertainment lounge, stylish dining spaces and an en-suite master bedroom that comes with a 42-inch screen TV. Aside from that, there's also a dressing room and huge bathroom that comes with a shower. 

The Flying Penthouse also boasts of its 18 lie-flat luxurious beds and a main hangout place for events, meetings or parties. Plus, the cabin also has a private area for people who need intimacy.

Yacht and aircraft design experts Pierrejean Design co-developed the plane's interior which comes with hand-crafted carpets, wooden floors, elevated domed ceilings and hardwood doors. What's great about the plane is its high-tech features wherein passengers can use tablets to adjust and control TV screens, window blinds, lighting and call for the staff's attention.