Deep within the ancient jungles of southern Mexico, there's still a Mayan group that still holds on to their native and traditional ways. The Lacandon Maya has been living in the jungle for almost 500 years since they fled from Spain's colonization to avoid being converted and abused by the Spanish people.

According to BBC, the Lacandon Maya has cut all possible contact from the outside world and called themselves Hack Winik, meaning True People. However, it all changed during the 20th century, when missionaries, archeologists, and loggers started to come.

The original traditions of the native group are somehow starting to vanish because of the strong influence of the Christian Missionaries. The southern group has been converted to Christianity compared to their northern counterpart where some traditional practices are still present.

National Geographic reported that most of the old people who knew much about the old ways are mostly dead. This is why the younger generation of the Lacandon Maya knows nothing about their history despite their interest in knowing more.

Now, the sources of living of the Lacandon are mostly connected to tourism. A lot of natives are building cabins for tourists and travelers while some are becoming certified rafting guides. There are actually a lot of activities to do in the Lacandon jungle.

In fact, according to Lonely Planet, you can experience a jungle tour and explore the exotic and rich wildlife of the Lacandon Jungle. You can also have an adventurous river rafting experience in the rivers of Lacanja while you admire the lush vegetation of the jungle.

There are also other natural wonders like the Moctuniha waterfall where you could take pictures or just experience the calm and soothing ambiance of nature. Aside from that, you can also visit the ancient city of Lacanja that lies deep within the jungle.

This group of native Mayan dwellers that live deep in Mexico's Lacandon jungle is just a fascinating culture. Aside from that, the jungle that they live in is also full of amazing natural wonders.