It's actually a good thing to know if the country you're going to travel to is generous or not. The people play a big factor if you want to experience an unforgettable vacation in your choice of destination. Before you plan your next travels, here's a list of the world's top 5 most generous countries in descending order.


According to The Telegraph, Burma or Myanmar has been given the title as the world's most generous country. In 2015, research shows that 91 percent of the countries residents have at least donated money to charity. The generous culture probably comes from the religion practiced by the people, which is Theravada Buddhism. They follow a practice called Sangha Dana where you are encouraged to donate to those people living a monastic life.

United States

BBC reported that the US is the second most generous country in the world. Compared to the Myanmar, the country doesn't really have a religious basis when it comes to generosity. There's so much diversity in the country that the kind of generosity differs in every region or state. It may be in the form of volunteering or donating money to charity.


There's a culture in Australia where everyone is given the chance to succeed and the locals would refer to it as giving everyone "a fair go."There are actually laws in the country that show this kind of Australian culture. For example, the government gives so many benefits for unemployed people that being unemployed isn't really a problem.

New Zealand

Being a small island nation, it's no doubt that almost everyone has that kind of responsibility to take care of their neighbors. In New Zealand, most restaurants and bakeries donate unsold food to people who can't afford it.

Sri Lanka

Comparable to Burma, this country's generosity is heavily influenced by religion. Hinduism and Buddhism are being practiced here and both are really encouraging people to be charitable.

The beauty of Sri Lanka doesn't end here as it is renowned worldwide as a gathering spot for surfers as well, so if you feel adventurous, you can hop on the paddle board and ride some waves in Mirissa beach or any other destination in the southern coast.

For those people who want to travel to these top 5 most generous places in the world, it's really something you won't regret. Experiencing the attractions and the generous culture of these places is a must see.