Summer season is not that far away but there's still time left to prepare. There are lots of factors to consider and prices are one of them. Well, it might be a good idea to consider Portugal because it has one of the best climates in the world perfect for a summer vacation and is number one as the cheapest summer destination of 2017.

According to The Telegraph, Portugal has been the number one cheapest holiday destination for two straight years now topping Bulgaria and Spain. A research was made about the cost of eight essential items in Algarve and it only amounted to about $40. The items included an evening meal for two, coffee, beer and sunscreen.

For example, Algarve has an average cost for an evening meal at around $21. In fact, the cost at Algarve went down 5% compared to last year. Also, the fluctuating currency exchange between the US dollar and Euro could really make the prices cheaper.

Hotel rates and accommodations are also cheaper in Portugal compared to its rivals. According to Price Of Travel, a night at a 3-star hotel would cost at around $90 for two people while 4-star hotels would cost around $122 dollars a night for two people.

Porto is also another destination in Portugal that's best for travelers who want to save. It's a city that's not been getting so much attention despite its magnificent setup and stunning attractions. According to Lonely Planet, food and accommodation are affordable in Porto and direct flights from New York make the experience really worth it.

Portugal is definitely the cheapest summer destination of 2017. The amazing tourist spots and the affordable prices would make it the most visited country in of 2017.

For those travelers who want to get the best deals out of their money, then Portugal is the place for you. There's a reason why it's dubbed as the cheapest summer destination of 2017.