The world is full of delicious food but you'll never have the chance to try each one in this lifetime to find the best tasting food there is. You can still try to taste as many as you can but why waste time searching? For all those foodies out there, here are the top 5 delicious foods to eat before you die and where to find them.

Fresh Coconuts, St. Lucia

According to The Telegraph, the coconut is one of the healthiest food there is and it's best eaten fresh. In the beach of St. Lucia or it could be anywhere in the world, you can buy a fresh fruit with just a few coins. Drinking the juice and eating the flesh right from the fruit itself will give you a refreshing and satisfying experience that no other food can offer.

Bagels, New York City

According to Pop Sugar, a bagel is not a bagel if it doesn't come straight out of New York. Experts say that H&H and Zabars have the best New York bagels in town and it's best eaten with vegetable cream cheese and some cured salmon slices.

Al Khalas dates, Oman

Dates aren't just a sweet delicacy for Omani people but it has some historical significance as well. These sweet dried fruits have been the source of food for the locals for hundreds of years in the Middle East. However, the sweet treat is now but a symbolism of Omani culture and one of the top 5 delicious food to eat before you die.

Alfajores, Argentina

There are different types of these biscuits but the best ones are the dulce de leche filled biscuits according to World of Wanderlust. You can find these in supermarkets and they're usually covered with chocolate.

Naga Bomb, Bali

A Naga Bomb is a healthy treat for the health-conscious foodie. It's a combination of dragon fruit, banana, coconut milk, mango blended all together and topped with strawberries, nuts and lots more.

Now that you know these top 5 delicious foods to eat before you die, you'll be able to live your life to the fullest. It will be a much exciting experience if you go and check these foods out where it's from.