In the ancient times, the Silk Road was the most used trade route that connected Asia to Europe. It was a famous road that wasn't only used to trade goods from different countries connected to it but also cultivated the exchange of cultures. Recently, the re-opening of the ancient Silk Road has been announced and it's the perfect opportunity for travelers to relive history.

According to Forbes, the Chinese Government recently re-opened the Silk Road, but this time, it's by rail. It connects China to Great Britain following the ancient route that Chinese silk caravans used back then to trade goods to different countries in Europe.

The East Wind will be the train used to bring different goods to Britain from Yiwu, China as reported by the Daily Mail. It will travel a 7456-mile journey in 16 days passing through different countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland Belgium and France.

The long journey is like reliving history because the locomotive will traverse through vast fields, deserts and high mountain ranges. It's the same route that merchants used back in the old times that brought about economic and cultural progress amongst countries.

According to Travel China Guide, a lot of memorable and significant events happened in this ancient route. Diplomats, monks, and famous travelers crossed this path to accomplish their tasks. In fact, Marco Polo, one of the world's most famous explorers traveled through this route which made breakthroughs in the cultural exchange between Europe and Asia.

However, the route is re-opened for economic purposes as of now to make trade among different countries cheaper just like in the old days. It's going to be half the cost of air freight and a lot faster than sea-freight. But it's not going to take long and travelers will have the opportunity to travel the Silk Road by rail as well.

The re-opening of the Silk Road is definitely another big step for strengthening the relations amongst countries. Also, it's good news for travelers and tourists who want to travel across the different countries that are connected to the route at a cheaper price.