Being the largest country in the world, Russia is full of attractions and natural wonders that travelers would definitely enjoy. Its territory occupies a vast area that stretches from Asia to Europe so there's so much diversity in the place. Here are 5 reasons why Russia is a must-visit place this holiday season.


The Kremlin was once the living quarters of the Russian czar but it became the office of the Russian President. According to World Tourist Attractions, the place still has some historical significance because it contains weapons, royal heirlooms, pieces of jewelry and crowns belonging to the royal families back then. But what's fascinating about this place is the structure itself because of its intricate architecture and traditional design.

St. Petersburg

According to The Telegraph, holidays should be spent on Russia this 2017 because this year is the centenary mark of the 1917 revolutions. St. Petersburg is one of the reasons why it's a must-visit place because of its beauty and setup. The place is a made up of islands interconnected to each other so travelers should expect a lot of activities to do here.

Red Square

Another must-visit place in Russia during the holidays, the Red Square is a cultural site. It has the St. Basils Cathedral and the Mausoleum of Lenin which is both fascinating structures that have cultural significance. Also, it's the place where most ceremonies, parades, and celebrations are held. The Daily Mail reported that travelers can have escorted tours to enjoy the different locations in the area.


Found in the southern part of Russia, this city has some ethnic groups like the Azerbaijan, Lezgin, and Tabasaran. Their place is home to historic castles and rich culture.

Altai Mountains

These mountain ranges cover a vast area that stretches from Central Asia to Kazakhstan. It's just a stunning sight for adventurous travelers with its snowcapped peaks and gorgeous landscapes. History has it that it was once the birthplace of the Turkish Nation.

These places are the 5 reasons why Russia is a must-visit place this year. The holidays are just around the corner so better plan out those itineraries.