What's better than camping beneath the starry night? Well, why not try "champing," - a good old camping in some medieval churches of UK.

If you think it's odd for a church to let you sleep in its halls, no worries about that since it's actually the idea of the Churches Conservation Trust. And, seriously, this is the only time they bless you (pun intended) to sleep inside.

Champing, a combination of church and camping has proved to be popular with groups of people like families, friends or coworkers. What can you get more from sleeping in a church than a good laugh, history, wine or some spooky tales!

The sacred place has allotted a safe corner for anyone who booked the experience. Beds and cushions are available while the little campers might bring extra sheets or sleeping bags in case they want to.

The Champing Organization wants people to know that the experience is new and "it genuinely hasn't been done before apart from a few weary pilgrims and monks and a tired vicar or two, probably." You get the whole medieval church to you and your friends for a night with "towers to climb, organs to play and so many options for church hide-and-seek - it's all yours."

Moreover, it's convenient, easy and great for children and pets who would want to be around the church as well. "Our prices don't soar during the school holidays, children and pets are always welcome and delicious breakfasts are available for a few more golden coins of the realm. Yum," the group said on its website.

As of the moment, there are 12 churches up for camping and prices are £39 per adult per night during mid-week, £49 per adult per night at the weekends, £19 per child per night and £10 breakfast. Bring your pets if you can, too! This summer, the group offers Champing experiences available on March 31 to September 30.

According to them, "you can take your pick from churches large and small, by riverbank or moor, old and extremely old - there's something for everyone." So, go ahead.