May 28, 2024 9:46 PM


There will be Nonstop Alaska Airlines Flights Between Nashville and Portland by Next Year

Alaska Airlines is making travel between Portland, Oregon, and Nashville, Tennessee, much more convenient


21c Museum Hotel In Nashville Lets Guests Spend A Night With Works of Famous Artists

This is not so common, but it exists. A hotel not allowed its guests to stay and spend a night with the works done by famous artists.


Nashville's Historic Segregated Lunch Counter Will Now Be A Restaurant

The historic Woolworth building will be reopened as a restaurant that celebrates history, culture, and music.


Drive-In Theater Gets A Comeback In Nashville After 60 Years

Drive-ins were considered a hit during the 50's and 60's until modern television, and live streaming pushed the popularity away. Now, Nashville, Tennessee will be bringing the iconic entertainment night drives back to their city as an indoor drive-in movie theater to be called as the August Moon Drive-In.


A Glimpse Of America’s History Through Five Of The Best Historic Hotels Of 2016

America is not only home to some of the country's most prestigious hotels. It is a home as well for Hotels who have been part of history for decades. Some of these hotels have indeed stood the test of time and are deserving to be recognized as part of America's historical spots.


Top Five Healthy Temptations Of Nashville Vegan Restaurants

Nashville will meet your expectation on Nashville's food and keeps you healthy at the same time. Here are some of the best Vegetarian restaurants you could enjoy in Nashville.


Lady Gaga Debuts Songs From Her Joanne Album At Dive Bar In Nashville

Nashville - Lady Gaga debuted her new single "Million Reasons" and other new tracks during her Dive Bar Tour.


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