Alaska Airlines is set to begin offering nonstop flights between Portland, Oregon, and Nashville, Tennessee, beginning next year. Specifically, this new offering starts on March 14, 2024. 

This makes Alaska Airlines the only airline to fly this particular route nonstop, according to a report. The airports that are involved in this new service are the Portland International Airport (PDX) and Nashville International Airport (BNA). 

Why Alaska Airlines if Offering Nonstop Flights

According to Kirsten Amrine, Alaska's vice president of revenue management and network planning, the company noticed that travelers want a more convenient way of traveling between these two cities. Prior to the announcement of the service, flights from Portland and Nashville involve a layover along the way. 

"Our new flight will link a pair of exciting regions that both have wide-ranging, festive entertainment and sports scenes as well as growing business centers," she says in a statement. 

Anyone interested to fly Alaska for their trip from Portland to Nashville and vice versa should take note of the following flight schedule:

  • PDX-BNA: departs 9 a.m. PDT; arrives 3:20 p.m. 
  • EDTBNA-PDX: departs 4:25 p.m. EDT; arrives 7:35 p.m. PDT 

It should be noted that the Nashville route is also the airline's 53rd nonstop flighting come from Portland. 

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Nonstop Flights Between Portland and Miami

Flights between Portland and Nashville are not the only new nonstop flights that Alaska Airlines are planning to do. In addition, those who want to travel conveniently has something to look forward to. 

This is because the airline is planning to begin nonstop flights between Portland and Miami, Florida, on November 17. 

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