Nashville has developed throughout time. Now, many tourists visit Nashville to eat and enjoy wonderful music. Nashville has a lot to offer when it comes to food and music and many people are impressed by them. Because of the modern times, Nashville upgraded their cuisines and ventured into a more healthier area in the food industry. According to Paste Magazine and Nashville Eater, these restaurants located in Nashville will meet your expectation on Nashville's food and keeps you healthy at the same time.

1. The Wild Cow

The Wild Cow serves healthy vegetarian food. Most of the ingredients they use in their dishes are grown locally. The best sellers in this restaurant are black bean tacos, sweet potato, garlicky kale, pumpkin seeds and their house-made jerk sauce. Aside from these dishes, they also offer drinks such as coffee, wine and smoothies.

2. Vui's Kitchen

Vui's Kitchen is a Vietnamese restaurant located in Berry Hill, Nashville. You can order many vegetarian meals and you can even make some of their usual meals into a vegetarian meal. Some of their best sellers are the pho with tofu, mushrooms and vegan broth, lemongrass tofu banh mi.

3. Woodlands

Woodlands offer Indian Vegetarian Cuisines that's composed of both North and South Indian delicacies. It is one of the restaurants that offer vegan foods that everybody likes. They do not sell alcoholic drinks but you can bring your own wine in the store. Some of the recommended dishes of this restaurant are vegetable korma, curries, royal paneer and aloo gobi.

4. Avo

Avo is a restaurant that serves avocado margaritas. However, it doesn't just serve these delicious avocado margaritas, they also have small plate menus that are plant-based. Great for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there surely is a healthy vegan meal for you. Some of the recommended dishes in Avo is their avocado toast and ceviche tacos made with mushrooms.

5. Sunflower Café

The Sunflower Café is a well known café located in Berry Hill. Their food has fresh and organic ingredients and some are even grown locally. With its daily chef specials, vegan burgers and vegan crab cakes, no wonder it has been popular in Berry Hill. The staffs of the café are also said to be friendly. If you want to have a Nashville meal and want to stay healthy at the same time, these vegetarian restaurants are known for their delicious and unique dishes. These restaurants doesn't just have a fun atmosphere and good food, on top of that, they serve healthy food.