The best ramen in the world is obviously found in Japan where it all originated and started. It is one the classic Japanese comfort foods that is craved for all over the world. But when you are a thousand miles away from Japan and you are dying to slurp a hot and tasty broth, there are many restaurants in America that serve equally delicious and satisfying ramen just like that of Japan's.

Whether you are a typical ramen lover who lives in America or you just simply want to try this Japanese specialty for the first time, you do not need to travel to Southeast Asia just to have a steaming bowl of it. Here are the five best ramen spots in the United States where you will find the best tasting Japanese ramen all in the comfort of your own city.

Ippudo. Located at the East Village, the bowls of ramen in Ippudo NY will let you forget that you are still in America for minutes. According to Ippudo NY's official website, the authentic broth of ramen in this restaurant is created from the fusion proteins such as beef, chicken, seafood or pork that is seasoned special classic Japanese ingredients including miso. From the day Ippudo NY first landed the Big Apple up to this present time, the restaurant is still considered to be one of the Japanese ramen empires in the US.

Chuko Ramen. Chuko is a Japanese word which means "vintage". This classic ramen house in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn has been a much-loved ramen destination in the states because of its flawless blending of the traditional Japanese-style ramen and a drizzle of a modern taste. According to The Infatuation, aside from varieties of ramen including Vegetable Ramen and Miso Ramen, Chuko Ramen also serves other Japanese dishes such as steam bun, spicy pickles, gyoza and kale salad.

Ramen Tatsu-ya. This ramen spot in Austin, Texas has taken the Texan community by storm. The idea of how Ramen Tatsu-ya started was when its owners Tatsu Aikawa and Takuya Matsumoto thought of creating their own ramen shop after they have lived both in Japan and in Los Angeles where many ramen shops are found.

The noodles used by Ramen Tatsu-ya is freshly crafted in partnership with Keisuke-san, a Los Angeles based noodle maker. The house specialty of Ramen Tatsu-ya is its tonkotsu original which is a mixture of a creamy broth from pork bone, scallions, mushrooms, chashu pork and especially marinated boiled egg.

Ramen Dojo. This ramen dungeon in San Mateo, California offers its specialty pork ramen that is created from a spicy broth made of crushed garlic and cloves of roasted garlic. Customers can personalize their own ramen by choosing from varieties of toppings such as bamboo shoots, quail eggs, kikurage mushrooms and spicy cod roe. You can also choose the level of spiciness for your ramen - from less spicy to extremely spicy. This 24-seat ramen hub is known to serve the best ramen bowl in the bay.

Jinya Ramen Bar. The gastronomic ramen experience in Jinya Ramen Bar will let you crave for a bowl of ramen every day of your life. Founded by Tomonori Takahashi, Jinya Ramen Bar celebrates the taste of the traditional flavour and taste of classic Japanese ramen. Jinya focuses on serving delicious and authentic taste of Japan while keeping the costs lower as possible so that it will be accessible to everyone who wants to eat ramen. The rich and thick broth that is simmered for not than 24 hours goes perfectly with Jinya handcrafted noodles and perfectly cooked toppings.