Originally created by the Cantonese in Southern China, Dim Sum is widely served all over the world. From classic teahouses to food carts on streets, a hot basket of dim sum plus a cup of tea will never fail to amaze you with the distinctive Chinese taste.

Many restaurants serve a wide variety of dim sum including dumplings, steamed buns and rice noodle rolls. But aside from China itself, Hong Kong is also known to be one of the best spots when it comes to serving authentic Cantonese dim sum where best dim sum items are served as early as five in the morning.

Among the diversity of teahouses and restaurants, here are the top five spots in Hong Kong where the best dim sums are found:

1. Tim Ho Wan

If you are looking for perfection when it comes to dim sum, this is the perfect place where you must go. Seldom would you encounter a world-class restaurant that is affordable at cost but outstanding when it comes to taste. Tim Ho Wan, originated by Chef Mak Kwai Pui, is considered to be the most inexpensive Michelin-starred restaurant in the world.

With its fluffy pork buns that are oozing with succulent barbecued pork in the inside that is widely copied but Tim Ho Wan will actually let you feel the heaven of dim sum on earth. Despite the two-hour wait habit, customers still consider Tim Ho Wan to be the best place to go for the best dim sum in Hong Kong. Tim Ho Wan is also famous for its delicious crispy pork buns, Foursquare reveals.

2. Fook Lam Moon

Also called as the "canteen of the wealthy", dining in the Fook Lam Moon will not just let you experience some of the best dim sums in town but a wealthy Chinese empire atmosphere, as well. Most celebrities go to Fook Lam Moon for a one-of-a-kind dim sum experience without the hassle of being seen by many fans and paparazzi.

The skin of Fook Lam Moon's shrimp dumplings (Har Gau) is very luscious, juicy and translucent. The restaurant's signature rice rolls (shrimp cheung fun) has a crispy sheet of bean curd in it that makes it exceptional among other rice rolls in the world.

3. Choi Lung Restaurant

Located at Tai Mo Shan, Choi Lung Restaurant is probably the best place to be after a long trek or ride. In the run for over 40 years now, Choi Lung is a family-run restaurant where guests can make their own tea perfect match for their freshly made dim sum.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, waitress Shek Wai Ling said, "People would drive all the way here from Sai Wan for a bowl of black bean ribs with rice." The best time to visit Choi Lung Restaurant is during weekends where all of the best sellers are served.

4. Lung King Heen

Sophistication and finesse is what best describes Kung King Heen. It is one of the few Michelin three-starred restaurants in Hong Kong where dim sum is served from a higher standard of quality and taste. The restaurant serves by-the-book authentic and classic Cantonese dim sum - from its dumplings that are satiated with duck liver to its signature wrapped scallops and lobsters.

5. Luk Yu Teahouse

Luk Yu Teahouse appears not only in maps and photos. It is also a famous spot for movies and background for literary classics because of its glamorous decorations, menu and layout. Luk Yu Teahouse is established in 1933. No wonder it is already considered to be an epitome of Chinese traditional cuisine and artistry. This teahouse is known for its superb siu mai made from liver and deep-fried dumplings bathed in soup.

Many dim sum restaurants can be quite intimidating especially those restaurants whose staff is already working for decades and is actually pure Chinese by blood and by heart. There comes the saying that the older the restaurant is, the more authentic and classic the dishes are. But if you will explore more, you will be surprised the discover that there are actually lots of dim sum restaurants out there that can serve you the best dim sum you will ever find.