With his unique wrist pose in sprinkling, Nusret Gökçe's name has already made the internet people go crazy. From Twitter, Instagram and YouTube followers, this man is definitely a sensation we all should look out for.

Salt Bae, who is a Turkish chef, is an owner of six branches of steakhouses. His name boomed in the internet after his 36-second video that was posted on Instagram showing his sensually unique position of sprinkling salt into a flawlessly elegant Ottoman steak went viral online.

Some says that the name "Salt Bae" tagged to this handsome Turkish chef was derived from how carefully Gökçe handles a piece of meat as if he is holding the most precious love of his life, PaperMag reports. But in reality, the history of how "Salt Bae" got this name still remains unanswered. Regardless of how the name started, the memes with #saltbae definitely blow the internet nowadays despite the fact that it has just started to trend during the past weekend.

Gökçe has actually established his name in the world of restaurateurs even before his one of a kind pose trends in the internet world. He is the co-owner of Nusr-Et, a chain of six steakhouses named after him and are located all through Dubai and Turkey. Upon reaching the age of 16, Gökçe had already become an apprentice to a butcher which helped him establish his very own meat empire.

Many screengrabs were also turned into memes and broadly scattered all over the internet world. As a matter of fact, according to a report by Bustle, the video was viewed four million times and has recorded more than 20,000 users' comments five days after it was uploaded in the internet. Twitter has also tagged #saltbae as the very first trending meme in 2017.

While the real story of how the name "Salt Bae" was formed and how Gökçe became the ultimate "Salt Bae", the number of followers of Gökçe in his social media accounts continuously grows every single day, making him one of the most talked about chef-slash-heartthrob in the beginning of 2017. No surprise why many girls tend to ask for his love and his hand in marriage.