According to Investopedia, consulting a financial planner to help a retiree or future retiree plan for his retirement in the near future. The struggle of fitting up your budget with the American cost of living is actually one thing that is tougher than completing your 40-year job for retirement. But with the trend nowadays, it is always better to try something new like considering a retirement abroad.

Just recently, we gave you a list of the best countries to visit after retirement this 2017. Here is the second part of our bucket-list to give you more options to where you must choose to stay after retiring from your job.

With the fusion of different natives such as Malays, Portuguese, Indian and Chinese, Malaysia is considered to be one of the best Asian countries to visit years of hardwork. Malaysia is best place to be when it comes to the street foods in the world, restaurants, shopping centers and vibrant night markets. Being the only Asian country to reach the International Living's list, Malaysia also attracts expats for its UNESCO World Heritage sites and a reasonably low cost of living.

After placed ninth in 2016, Spain has improved its ranking in this year's list of the best countries for retirees. The southern European country's climate, coasts and beaches never failed to attract visitors may it be locals or foreign retirees.

The cost of living in Spain is also cheaper compared to other European countries. That is why it has been considered as the most favourite spot in Europe among travellers. With only $2,200 per month, a couple can already enjoy the warmth of Spain's eastern and southern Mediterranean coasts.

Tired of the traffic jams and stress but still wants to feel the American vibe? Nicaragua is a perfect choice to be especially when a retiree does not afford the cost of living in the US. Despite the lack of modernization compared to what America has to offer, Nicaragua has already improved through years. Retirees can easily acquire a resident's card and can also open business allowing the expats to still earn money but without having the stress of workload prior to the retirement.

For the record, the population of Portugal when it comes to expats has already grown through time. Just like the other countries, the low cost of living and accommodation is what draws the retirees to visit Portugal. The country is also known for its stunning beaches and coasts being the neighbour of Spain. With Portugal's middle-class way of living, a couple can already survive here for a month with just $1,700 inclusive of apartment and other expenses.

With its blue waters and century-old cities, Malta is one treasure waiting to be touched. It has always been one country to explore with its rich history, culture and infrastructure. Despite being so small in terms of geographical dimension, Malta can still give the retirees the tranquillity and cosiness life has to offer. For only $600 as monthly budget, a retiree can already savor the richness of Malta in terms of the magnificent beaches, satisfying diners, and excellent healthcare.