Come 2017, trusted travel magazines and blogs have released their recommended destinations where tourists must visit in their next adventures. And of all these sites, one name is always on the list - Cuba. It is actually named as the hottest tourist destination this 2017 by the US Tour Operators Association while many other websites include Cuba in their list of the best places for travel this year.

As the island nation continues to mark its name in the world's top tourist must-sees, here are some of the reasons why you must consider Cuba as your next travel destination this 2017.

1. Cuba is known to be a rich country in terms of their unique passion for the culture and arts. During your stay here, you will get to jive in the groove of Afro-Cuban music which is widely performed and existing in almost every neighbourhood of the island. Local clubs mostly play the tunes of Cuban rap and the Cuban reggae, which is a more traditional sounding Cuban music that is collaborated with modern lyrics.

2. Travelling to Cuba is also perfect for beach lovers as the island has many beautiful resorts to dive into.  Cuba is actually considered to be one of the best destinations of the year for its one of a kind cultural and traditional experience, endless harmony of Cuban music, and most of all, the infinite coasts of perfectly stunning white sand beaches. The top beaches in Cuba according to the list of Travel and Leisure includes Varadero Beach, Cayos Coco and Guillermo, Guardalavaca and Playa Sirena.

3. Cuban natives are most found on the countryside where tourists can experience the local life in Cuba and have a talk with the farmers. There are also area markets to explore which are classified into two types - the markets which are run by the state where food are sold at very low costs, and the private markets were farmers directly sell their crops and produce.

4. The currency commonly used in Cuba by tourists is the Cuban Convertible Peso. This is the currency used by foreign travellers in paying for their hotels and lodges, restaurants, local transportations and entry to museums. Cuban Convertible Peso is relatively lower compared to the prevailing rate of US Dollars. Therefore, you can do more and spend more with the budget you have in your pockets because of the very affordable rates of commodities, as well.

5. Going to Cuba is less of a hassle compared to travelling to other countries even after President Barack Obama approved for the revision of some of the rules and regulations for foreign transports to Cuba. Tourists can now easily acquire a Tourist Visa, the validity of which depends on their country of origin. However, the required documents for the processing of a Cuban Tourist Visa are actually lesser compared to other tourist destinations such as Europe and Canada.

A report by Washington Post confirmed that the American Society of Travel Agents continuously pushes for the preservation of Cuban tourism as percentage of tourists who are interested to travel in the said island nation is actually growing in number as the years go by. As such, more tourists can explore how Cuba can be as wonderful as other famous tourists spots can be.