According to Robb Report, you can enjoy Cuba "in style". The country's infrastructure may take a lot of years to develop, but there are several ways to pull off a luxury five-star stay.

Here are some of the secret guides to have a luxury travel to Cuba:

Go private

Travelers can avoid long queue in the immigration lines and lost luggage catastrophes by flying private

Victor, a global private jet charter company, offers flights between Havana as well as other 19 U.S. cities.

Leave it to an expert

Tourist travel to Cuba is still prohibited under U.S. law, but there are various categories of authorized travel, as per Robb Report.

To navigate the complicated visa process and adventure tour experience on the island, a tour operator is imperative.

Cuba Educational Travel is recognized as the country's best, as they are able to connect its clients with the artists, musicians, diplomats, and other forces driving the new Cuba.

It's safe

Drugs and firearms has zero-perceptible level to date and has rare possibility of violent crimes.

However, the common and worst danger you'll face is the occasional tourist trap or pickpocket, as advised by the said report.

High-end accommodations do exist

Luxury hotels are few and far between in Cuba; with Americans entering the fray of tourists, it is more important than ever to book early.

In central Havana, Hotel Saratoga offers the most comfortable accommodations, including the Suite Habana with its claw-foot bathtub and wrap-around terrace overlooking El Capitolio.

Next year, the German brand Kempinski will open the country's newest international hotel with 200 rooms.

For now, more luxurious options include a limited number of private villas and superyachts, which can be arranged by Cuba Educational Travel.

Cash is king

CUC or CUP, Cuba's dual-currency system always end up in confusion, especially to tourists.

The use of credit cards and ATMs are not advisable in Cuba. Instead, tourist are more likely advised to bring cash.

Meawhile, the CUP, Cuba's moneda nacional, is used almost exclusively by locals and is commonly the only currency accepted at state-run markets and restaurants, as explained by Robb Report.

Prepare to unplug

Cuba is one of the least digitally connected countries in the world. In view of this, there is only a limited access to internets since there is just a handful of state-provided hot spots around Havana which offer slow and expensive connections, as per Report.

State-run hotels also provide Internet for their guests. To stay connected within the country, it is advisable to buy a local mobile phone.

Go beyond Havana

Like much of the Caribbean, Cuba is home to white sand and sparkly waters.

Tourist can take a day trip or a yacht excursion to the pristine beaches of Cayas Coco or Playa Ancón.

Travelers can book through a reliable travel and trusted companies such as Cuba Educational Travel or Ker & Downey (, to cut through the red tape.