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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Skyline

Couple Sells Single Parking Space In Hong Kong For A Staggering $760,000

A single parking space in Hong Kong was named as the most expensive parking space in the world after being sold for $760,000. The 16.4-by-8.2 feet carpark can be found at one of the most populated cities in the area.


Along The Hong Kong Border

Lantau: The Things You Could Do In Hong Kong's Greenest Island

Lantau Island could offer the beauty beyond what Hong Kong usually gives.


Hong Kong City Battles With Light Pollution

10 Important Phrases For Hong Kong Tourists

Although speaking Cantonese is not mandatory for visitors in Hong Kong, learning the 10 important phrases as a matter of courtesy could go a long way.


DJI Phantom 4 at Tai Po Yim Tin Tsai 4K

Yim Tin Tsai: The Mystery Behind Hong Kong's Ghost Island

Behind the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong city, there's a quite island in the Sai Kung district that seems to be a mystery for travelers. The island of Yim Tin Tsai or famously known as the Ghost Island of Hong Kong is also a place worthy of a visit.


Surfing in Hong Kong

Places To Go Surfing Near Hong Kong

Discover the different surfers' paradise near Hong Kong.


The Unlocking Of The Gates Of Hell - The Hungry Ghost Festival (Yu Lan)

The Five Best Dim Sum Restaurants In Hong Kong

Whether it is served in hot steamer mini baskets or in small plates, dim sum is definitely one of the things that make Chinese cuisine special among any other culinary heritages.


Cathay Pacific Airlines

Cathay Pacific To Have Barcelona-Hong Kong Flights This Year

For the first time in history, Cathay Pacific will offer a non-stop route from Barcelona, Spain to Hong Kong.


The Hall Of Supreme Harmony In The Forbidden City Closes For Renovation

Hong Kong and China Has Rows Over Forbidden City

The Forbidden City in Beijing will have its branch in Hong Kong but the latter would have much appreciated it if China has given them a heads up rather than "forcing" Hong Kong to accept the building of this museum. Dozens of people in Hong Kong have staged a protest against the proposed building.


Travel Hong Kong in a Minute - Drone Aerial Video | Expedia

Hong Kong Travel Ideas You Didn’t Know Until Today

Travel Hong Kong today! Though, don't miss the newest travel ideas hidden from many.


New Attractions And Entertainment At Walt Disney Parks And Resorts

Reasons Why Hong Kong Is One Of The Best Places To Visit This 2017

Here why you should definitely give Hong Kong a try this 2017.


Hong Kong in 360-degree videos

Hong Kong Shopping Festival 2017: Things You Need To Know

Hong Kong, the shopping center of Asia, wiil hold it's shopping festival this July to August. Find out the essential things you need to know before going there.


Amazing Things To Do When In Hong Kong

Five Amazing Things To Do When In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is definitely among the must-visited countries in the world. There are lots of things that you can do and enjoy as you catch for another trip to Hong Kong this 2017.


Muhammad Ali Tribute Event At Gleason's Gym

Google Reveals Most-Searched Travel Destinations In 2016

Before the year ends, let’s take a look back at the most researched travel destination for the year 2016.


Tokyo Vacation Travel Guide

Here Are The Most Googled Destinations of 2016

Read about some of the most searched destinations on Google.


Along The Hong Kong Border

Michelin’s Latest List Of The Best Restaurants In Hong Kong And Macau

Hong Kong and Macau has continued to pave its way into the travel industry and is slowly making its way in the food industry. Michelin, a well-known food guide among travellers unveils its list of the bets restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau


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