Before we make those plans and our New Year's resolutions, Google is giving us a look at the most-searched destinations for 2016. There are the frequent contenders, but also a few that might give you ideas if you want to expand your itinerary.

Google unfolds to us the 10 most searched travel destinations for this year. Some of the places on the list are also due to the different activities held at those places, which makes it a frequent topic on google's search engine. Topping the list is everyone's dream city, the big apple. Travel and Leisure presents the other places involved on the list: New York City, Washington, D.C., London, Hong Kong, Thailand, Maui, Rome, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City.

The following cities have paved its way upon the curiosity of travelers and people in general all around the world. Most of the places included in the list are from the United States of America, South America, and Asia. There is only a single entry from Europe. There are also other most searched places included such as Tokyo, Toronto, and Havana.

Each place included on the list would always have their own special trait which makes people wonder about the place. CNN Traveler says that Mexico City in general has paved its way through the hearts of the travelers. It's now the country's capital that's drawing travelers because of its history, architecture, and food.