The United Kingdom of Great Britain or popularly known as the UK is one of the toughest and sovereign country in the Western Europe. The United Kingdom is largely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean while giving it the longest coastline in the world.

The United Kingdom being one of the most developed countries was also blessed with small yet best towns that you can choose to visit at any of your convenient time. Travel and Leisure has reported that these towns have been among the most talked about towns that most of the tourists are visiting.

Here are UK's best small towns that you can consider based from their recent recommendations.

1. Beverly, East Yorkshire - This is one of the best yet small towns in the UK that will showcase you its repaired streets, their top-notch church and will even show you their Gregorian-inspired residences. They also have establishments which offer a variety of drinks and which are mostly old-fashioned in style. For best accommodations, you can refer to their recent reviews about Gregorian homes for you to have your best stay.

2. Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria - This is one of the best towns in the UK which was known for being the lake district since it has been situated near their lake. The town offers its visitors with scenic destinations likes national parks, River Lune, and explore a day to have a walk at their Ruskin's view. There are also lots of accommodations that you can choose to stay. Some of the best choices are the Barbon Inn, Sun Inn, and the Royal Hotel.

3. Pickering, North Yorkshire - This is one of the most known towns since it was the place where Dad's Army film was shot. The town offers some delightful pubs, Dalby forest that is best for mountain biking and Middleton Tea Parlor for the best refreshments.

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