Rivers are considered as an important place in many countries. Places near rivers are usually considered to be serene and breath-taking. Many countries around the world have tourist attractions that are rivers. Travelers visiting in foreign and local countries usually go to rivers and get a glimpse of its wonders.

As there are tons of rivers available in the whole world, there are rivers that are considered to be important and if great value. Most of these rivers are quite popular and familiar than the others. Touropia and Random Story listed down some of the most important rivers considered by many.

 1. Mississippi River- Just like its name, the Mississippi river is one of the longest adn largest rivers existing. The river comes from Lake Itasca up to the New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico. The length of the river is said to be 2,320 miles long. It is where cotton and food are usually transported before.

2. Yangtze River- Known as the third longest river in the world, the Yangtze River is indeed important especially in the area of trade and transportation. Used to transport bulk of goods, the river usually has traffic. From a glacier of the Tibetan plateau passing through the beautiful Yangtze Gorges up to the East China Sea, the Yangtze River is indeed long.

3. Amazon River- The famous river being the largest river by volume and being the second largest river in the whole world, the Amazon River is indeed important. For about 4,000 miles long, the river runs through many countries like Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and other countries up to the Atlantic Ocean. The river also contains tons of species numbering to about 3,000 different kinds as of now.

4. Zambezi- Considered as the fourth longest river in Africa, the Zambezi houses tons of animals, some even dangerous to humans. With a length of 2,200 miles coming from the north-western Zambia passing through many different places ending in the Indian Ocean, Zambezi is indeed important. One of the most famous inclusions of this river is the Victoria Falls which is truly amazing.

5. Nile River- As famous as its name is, the Nile river is considered to be the longest river in the world. With the length of 4,132 miles, the Nile river comes from East Africa to the Mediterranean. The river is divided into the Blue and White Nile. The river contributed greatly to Egypt's history and is important towards the Egyptians.