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Scenes Of Qatar

Safest Countries To Visit In 2017: International Travel Tips

The World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017 has been released. It contains the list of countries which are safe for a travel in the year 2017.



This Chicago Hostel Makes Fellow Guests Connect With Each Other On Instagram Before Their Stay

A new Chicago hostel builds a community feel among guests as it encourages them to connect with each other even before their visit and then hang out together or make new friends during their stay.


Best U.S. Carriers for International Travel Data and Voice!

Why International Data Plans Are Necessary For Traveling

With competitive international data plans, travelers can stay online overseas at affordable prices.


The Watergate Hotel Reopens with Grand Opening Party

America’s Business Travelers Reveal The Hotel Amenities They Want Most

America's business travelers revealed they're pretty straightforward when it comes to what they're looking for in hotel amenities.


Baby Boomer Travel

Age And Travel: Does Your Age Determine Your Travel Attitude?

As you get older, do you really get less adventurous. Sadly, yes -- along with a few other things that vastly differ between young and older travelers.



Five Of The Best Cameras For Travel Vlogging

Vlogging is seen as the trend today, and more people do video blogging than write off an article that sells. Travel vloggers are besetting up hits and followers on YouTube and take in fantastic revenues from individuals who view their videos.


New Year's Resolutions Send Thousands To The Gym

Airport Gym Workouts Now Open For Frequent Fliers With Long Layovers

Some major US airports are planning to build gyms so that frequent fliers will now be able to do workouts during their long stopovers.


Rowers dresses with costumes take part in the traditional regatta on the Grand Canal

Five Places To Visit Before They Leave The Earth For Good

They did say nothing lasts forever - and that includes the beautiful spots people enjoyed around the world. These famous destinations are predicted to disappear in a few years' time due to climate change and human-made destructions.


Discover the history in your DNA

Plan Your Vacation With A DNA Kit

There is a particular company that allows you to plan your trip by finding out your ancestral origins and assists you in visiting the places you are from. DNA Unwrapped lets you take a swipe of your DNA in which you can already determine your genealogy up to 80 countries and invites you to visit these regions for yourself.


Oil-Painted Movie Revealed in 'Loving Vincent' Trailer

There's A Campaign To Save Vincent Van Gogh’s Grave

Vincent Willem van Gogh was one of the most famous Impressionist painters and influential figures in the 1800's. His death was a tragic affair and even more or on how he was buried and what his plain and mundane gravesite is faring. To show more respect to the profound artist, the village council of Auvers-sur-Oise and members of the Institut Van Gogh seeks to restore the late artist's gravesite.


Costa Rica Uses 100 Percent Renewable Energy For A Record 75 Days

Escape To Costa Rica For a $275 Round-Trip Flight

Enjoy the lush greenery and wildlife in Costa Rica by availing of a $275 round trip flight.


Business travel

Low Paying Job Vs. Traveling: Income Is Good, But Travel Is More Important

People looking for work would accept a low-paying job offer if it allows them to travel according to business travel site for Business, the global leader in connecting business travelers with the widest choice of places to stay.


Wedding Marathon at World Trade Center

The Choice between Relationship and New Experience, Has Left Majority of Women in Dilemma.

In the midst of all this confusion, there is still some women who give priority to relationship and family, to them traveling the world isn’t necessary if the family is not there.


Travel Images

Travel Cheaply With American Airlines Today!

American airlines said that these new fare launched by American Airlines will help American to compete more efficiently with the increasing number of ultra low-cost carriers.


Madame Tussauds Attractions Across the United States Honor President Obama's Term With Vacation Suggestions

Barack Obama’s Vacation to Palm Springs in California.

This trip is a thank you sign for support and love during the time Barack Obama (their dad) was a president and to make up for the time he wasn’t there for his family. As it was mentioned by a source that Obama is now looking forward to dedicating his time and resource to his family and make up for all those busy days he had as a president. We can say is a marvelous and well-deserved vacation for the Obamas.


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