Most women like having a new experience, unlike men; easily get bored of a certain environment or activity that goes on repeatedly. Always a new taste is desired by most women, and this has been a problem in most relationships whereby the women desire has not been understood or by one way or the other was not accomplished.

According to HuffingtonPost, for instance, women like traveling the world having fun, and mostly they are carried out by those kinds of offers when they come their way. It takes a really focused woman not to have a complaint about a frequently turned down new experience explore.

Though for most women their families are their priority and it takes only a single lady to have such a long time experience of traveling the world. It only takes a few people who truly understand this desire in their women and accomplish it as desired. In today's world, most women think twice about being tied down in a relationship unlike in the past. Today's women have become more confident in choosing the path of having worked up with a new experience every day, with such a lifestyle many of them are single or others get married at a very old age compared with how it was in the past.

As reported by This Battered Suitcase, this desire has, in turn, resulted to increase in the number of single women than before, some have already made a decision that relationship is not necessary as long as they get to travel the world and have a new experience, to them relationship is a waste. But also there is a group of women who are on both sides and they believe that it's possible to find someone whom they can travel the world together.