The season of Summer is flaming in Europe with temperatures rising as dangerously high. The weather being extremely hot is raising alarm to those that are proceeding to some of the most visited tourist attraction sites in the world such as Greece, Italy, and Spain.

Extreme Temperatures in Europe Pose Risks for Travelers

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Europe Heatwave: High Risk for Tourists

In Greece, more specifically in Corinth, the temperature has risen to 43 degrees Celsius claiming tourists' lives who got lost in the heat or died. The situation has sunk to the extent that authorities of Athens closed the Acropolis, one of the tourist attractions, to guard the visitors against the extreme heat.

This is also affecting Italy as it succumbs to the heat wave. According to Schengen News, the Italian Ministry of Health has set the highest alarm for cities such as Palermo and Rome and recommends people to be extremely careful.

Anyone visiting these European countries is encouraged not to litter, particularly bottles or glass, and ensure that all cigarettes are extinguished. This is to avoid causing devastating fires, knowing that these regions readily catch fire with the increasing hot temperatures.

Still, going to these parts of Europe is not completely dangerous as long as travelers obey what is taught to them locally. Advisable preventive measures include drinking enough water and avoiding exposure to the sun by wearing protector creams or finding a shaded or air-conditioned environment.

Tourists are also advised to purchase an insurance policy that protects them from the extremity. This can give a shield for medical necessities, cancellations, and other mishaps.

Europe has always remained one of the tourist's favorite destinations, and presently, the existing heat wave is very dangerous, and every traveler must be cautious and alert of the high temperatures.

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Europe Travel Focuses on Safety

A new study by the European Travel Commission (ETC) and Eurail BV reveals that when planning trips to Europe this summer, travelers prioritize safety and quality. 

The research, which gathered views from 7,000 travelers across seven major countries, shows a growing interest in visiting Europe despite concerns about cost and safety.

Most notably, as per International Airport Review, nearly half of the respondents say they choose European destinations because they feel secure, a significant increase from previous years. 

Good travel infrastructure also ranks highly in their considerations. While price is still important, it's becoming less of a deciding factor than in previous years, indicating that travelers value a stress-free, high-quality vacation experience more.

Europe remains a preferred destination, with a notable percentage planning multi-country tours. This trend towards longer, more immersive trips allows travelers to connect with local cultures and support local economies. 

Meanwhile, Europe's reliable train services and full-service airlines are popular for navigating multiple countries, offering both convenience and flexibility.

The study also highlights a shift toward sustainable travel practices, with many visiting Europe during off-peak times to avoid crowds and enjoy a more authentic experience. 

This approach saves money and helps distribute tourist benefits more evenly throughout the year.

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