Germany introduced a new work visa called the "Opportunity Card" on June 1. This visa aims to attract skilled workers from outside the European Union. 

The German government created this visa to address the country's labor shortages in critical fields such as medicine and engineering.

Germany Rolls Out 'Opportunity Card' to Attract International Workers

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Germany's New Visa Simplifies Skilled Immigration

The "Opportunity Card" uses a points system to evaluate potential immigrants. Points are given for academic degrees, professional experience, and language skills. 

To qualify for the visa, BBC revealed that applicants need to score at least six points. They also need to show they can support themselves financially, requiring proof of having at least €1,027 per month during their job hunt.

Under this new system, people can live in Germany for up to a year while they look for a job. They don't need a job offer before moving. The visa also allows them to work part-time. This makes it easier for newcomers to start their lives in Germany.

Germany is facing significant labor shortages that affect its economy. By making it simpler for skilled workers to enter the country, Germany hopes to boost its workforce in essential industries. 

The visa is not for EU citizens as they can already live and work in Germany freely. Instead, it targets talented individuals from other parts of the world.

For those interested in applying, the German government advises visiting the Make It In Germany website. This site includes a self-check tool where individuals can see if they might qualify for the "Opportunity Card." 

Applicants need to apply in person at their local German Diplomatic Mission.

With the launch of this visa, Germany opens its doors wider to global talent, hoping to enrich its workforce and secure a prosperous future.

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UEFA EURO 2024 Expected to Boost German Tourism

Germany is gearing up for a significant boost in tourism as it prepares to host the UEFA EURO 2024. 

The event is expected to attract millions of football fans from across the globe, contributing to over three million additional international overnight stays. 

This surge will benefit hotels and restaurants throughout the country, not just in the ten host cities that boast large stadiums and vibrant fan zones.

The German National Tourist Board (GNTB), in partnership with UEFA EURO GmbH, is actively promoting the championship. Travel and Tour World reported that they encourage visitors to extend their stays beyond just football matches. 

According to a GNTB survey, a majority of fans from key markets like Great Britain, France, and Spain plan to explore Germany's rich cultural offerings and scenic beauty during their visit.

Statistics from the Federal Statistical Office show a 5.5% increase in international overnight stays in the first four months of 2024, with April nearly reaching pre-pandemic levels. 

The upcoming football championship is set to enhance Germany's economic landscape and its international reputation as a welcoming and diverse travel destination.

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