Munich Airport, a major hub in Germany, had a great year for its cargo business in 2023. While other big airports in Germany saw less cargo coming through, Munich Airport had more. They handled 284,000 tons of goods, which is 6.6% more than the year before. This growth happened even though, in all of Germany, the amount of cargo moved by air dropped by 7.1%.

Munich Airport Leads in Cargo Growth Among German Airports in 2023
Munich International Airport, München, Germany
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Munich Airport Sees Big Jump in Cargo Business in 2023

One big reason for Munich Airport's success is the increase in belly cargo. This is when goods are carried in the belly of passenger planes. This type of cargo went up by 11% at the airport. 

According to Breaking Travel News, the airport got more business because of direct flights that started again to China, a new route to Bangalore in India, and flights to Taipei. These routes are very important for businesses in Bavaria that sell goods to other countries.

In 2024, Munich Airport's cargo business kept growing. In January and February, the amount of cargo increased by 6.5% and 10.8% compared to the same months last year. Now, the cargo volume is almost back to what it was before the pandemic.

This year, Munich Airport will get even busier with cargo. There will be new flights to places like Seattle, Johannesburg, and Vietnam. There will also be more flights to Beijing and Osaka. This gives companies in the area more chances to send their goods through Munich.

The airport is also planning to grow. For example, DHL Express is opening a new place for handling cargo this summer. Plus, there's a lot of room at the airport to make the cargo area bigger in the future.

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Launches Self-Driving Snack Robot

Munich Airport has introduced a new way to shop for snacks and drinks. A self-driving robot named JEEVES is now moving around the airport, offering passengers quick and easy access to refreshments. This robot, the first of its kind at any airport worldwide, can be found in Terminal 2, making its rounds on Levels 4 and 5.

JEEVES, named after a character from an English novel known for being a reliable servant, is designed to sell a variety of chilled drinks and snacks. As per Future Travel Experience (FTE), passengers can pay without cash, using popular methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit cards. This 110cm tall robot stops whenever someone steps in front of it, and purchases are made through a large touchscreen.

This innovative project is a collaboration between Munich Airport, Lufthansa, and the Munich startup 'Robotise'. It is part of a one-year trial by Terminal 2 Gesellschaft to see how robots can improve the airport experience. Munich Airport is focused on using technology like robotics to enhance the convenience and satisfaction of its passengers. The introduction of JEEVES is a step towards making Munich Airport a leading center for digital and technological advancements.

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