Nothing lasts forever - and that includes the beautiful spots people enjoyed around the world. These famous destinations are predicted to disappear in a few years' time due to climate change and human-made destructions.

We recall the earth's ancient wonders of the world and how the Pyramids of Giza could remain with the others so lost in history. If people were careful of the footprint they caused in these hotspots, everybody could have enjoyed a century more of these sights.

Machu Picchu, Peru. What remains of the Inca Empire could soon be wiped out of the face of the earth due to inclement weather, erosions and tourist arrivals - the latter being the worst. Looting, littering, and smuggling of ancient artifacts could threaten the old site if authorities did not control the crowd.

Madagascar Rainforest. The island is home to many exotic species man has not even recorded yet. However, record or no record, human activities like illegal logging and poaching of unnamed species are on the rise. Deforestation also kills the foliage scientists have yet to discover. Overexploitation of resources has depleted much to the living plants and animals in the islands. Even humans have introduced alien species that kills Madagascar's endemic wildlife.

The Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is dying as human -made projects like dams, pipelines and reservoirs have reduced its inflow gradually. And for 30 years, the island by the sea has suffered around 5,000 sinkholes, threatening tourists as well. Its water levels decreased up to 3.3 feet a year. If the trend continues, the Dead Sea would be gone by 2050.

The Great Barrier Reef. We've heard the news that the rising climate has caused coral bleaching in the reef. According to a recent report by the Daily Mail, "that if the world continues to emit carbon dioxide at the same rate as it is doing now, reef-building corals will suffer significantly by 2050 and die off by 2100." Coral bleaching happens when the corals are 'stressed' and emits algae, its source food. Without it, the corals will turn white and pale and eventually die if left for longer periods. And we know, corals are home to various aquatic life forms.

Venice. Perhaps, it's the most romantic city in the world, but it would be too bad if it sinks in the years to come. The rising sea levels threaten the Italian city and every day, Venice is going down the tides. Floodgates and other technologies will help curb the issue.