Modern eco-tourism industry has played a big role in making it easier for nature-lover travelers to have a safe access to jungle landscapes. Dense rainforests with exotic plants and animals may not be popular for most tourists yet but are appealing to adventurous travelers. Here are the five best rainforest destinations that you may consider in you next travel adventure.

Darien National Park is a massive land of dense jungle and low mountains located in one of the largest protected areas in Central America. You can find various unique mammal species, five endemic avian species and hundreds of other types of mammals and birds. Unlike other rainforests, it is not suitable for zip-line riding. However, day trip guided tours are available.

Dominica is a less developed eco-tourism in a small island located in the Lesser Antilles. Ideal place to see sea turtle nesting areas, dip into hot spring and a trek across the undeveloped rainforests and highlands. Jungle trails will lead you to a picturesque view of waterfalls and geothermal springs. Spending a night or two at a resort offering small cottages and tree houses surrounded by forests would be truly relaxing.

Manu Wilderness is one of the most exciting eco-tourism destinations in the lowlands of Peru. Hundreds of mammals and a thousand of bird species nest in this dense forest. It's a pristine rainforest travel destination with its wildlife, flora, and fauna as the main attractions.

Danum Valley is where carnivorous pitcher plants and gigantic rafflesia flowers can be found. One of Southeast Asia's first eco-resorts with an exotic and almost primordial feel. Borneo Rainforest Lodge offers guests jungle treks, canopy tours and river adventures aside from a nice place to stay.

Tasmania is a temperate rainforest covering ten percent of the island. Considered as one of the most unnoticed destinations in Australia. Leafy trees and vegetation normally found in tropics are rare in this wet landscape. With only approximately 500,000 residents, enjoying the rainforest in solitude is not impossible.

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