Destinations on Google can help you figure out your next travel destination. Its ability to do a real time scan destination and pricing makes your planning easier and more realistic. Along with Google Flights to act as your virtual travel agent, you'll get crazy with this new travel planner. A powerful vacation finder for travelers.

Planning a vacation can never be easier with Destinations on Google. You can your trip in just three easy steps.

Pin Google's trip planner making sure you are using the word "destinations". This is where you can get the information on various locations based on their popularity as determined by search volume. With the same concept as Google Flights, you will be able to find the best time of the year to travel with the cheapest flight and accommodation. The best way to plan your vacation within your budget.

Customize your dream trip. Destinations on Google allows you to tailor your trip. You can choose your desired dates, budget and event point of interest. It will suggest specific destinations based on the type of activities or interest that you select. Click on the specific month of the year and it will show you the most affordable week to travel within your specified period.

Explore on your desired destination or book your trip. Once you have made up your mind to your preferred destination, it's time to decide whether you want to do some more research and learn more about the highlights of your trip or just simply select a date and book your flights and hotel right away.

Wait, there's more! Destinations Google also calculates the total trip cost and adjust flight options up to four optimal itineraries and sorts hotels according to your preference. Planning a trip would make us crazy sometimes, but this new travel planner will definitely make it a lot easier for us.