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Barack Obama’s Vacation to Palm Springs in California.

Travelers Today       By    Vic Mariki

Updated: Jan 21, 2017 09:56 PM EST

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After eight good years of service, the president of United States of America Barack Obama together with his family (his wife Michelle and his daughters Malia and Sasha) are planning to travel to Palm Springs for a vacation after Fridays' inauguration. Inauguration of the president of United States of America is a ceremony to mark the commencement of the new four-year term of a president of U.S.A.

 According to CNN, this year the inauguration was intended to take place on 20th January 2017, where Donald J Trump and Michael R Pence are sown in as president and vice president of United States of America. After this ceremony, Obama's intend to have an amazing trip to palm spring as it is not their first trip to spend time there as a family. That is to say, they had a great time before and they are excited for this trip on Friday.

 Palm spring is a city in Sonoran desert of southern California, is known for its hot springs, stylish hotels, golf courses and spas. It is also noted for its many fine examples of midcentury-modern architecture. Its core shopping district along palm canyon drive features vintage boutiques, interior design shops, and many fancy restaurants. Also, there is Coachella valley which offers hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails. No wonder is number one choice for Obamas to go for a vacation.

As reported by USMagazines, this vacation has raised speculations among many people that may be the family will finally make a home in the Coachella valley. These speculations arose probably because of the enjoyment saw in the family whenever they visit the place and their high frequency of visiting the valley at different yearly vacation. This trip is a thank you sign for support and love during the time Barack Obama (their dad) was a president and to make up for the time he wasn't there for his family.

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